JEE Main Mock Test

JEE Main is the most competitive exam in india in which more than 11 lakh students put in their brains and efforts to get into the most prestigious engineering institutions across the country. Students prepare for years to get into NITs, CFTIs and IITs through JEE. Along with covering the necessary portions, mock tests and sample papers are very important for such competitive exams as it helps in time and pressure management. ProgressiveMinds is the top educational platform in India that offers free mock tests for IIT JEE Mains open to all students. These tests are prepared by the best educators in the country and will definitely give a competitive edge ti IIT aspirants.

JEE Main Online Mock Test Series with solution for Free

Memory Maps/Revision Maps for Chemistry (NEET, IIT-JEE, other exams)

Retaining colossal information is never an easy task, especially when it comes to strenuous exams like JEE.

For a subject like Chemistry, students have to assimilate and store in their memory a lot of formulas, fundamentals and concepts. As hard as it may sound, it is necessary to learn them to be able to fetch the desired scores in the JEE exam.

It is believed that without revision, our brain loses the memory of almost 82% of what we have studied. Students cannot afford to let go even a single mark in the JEE exam just because they skipped the revision phase.

This makes the revision of the entire syllabus of the competitive JEE exam an essential aspect of the preparation process.