How to manage time effectively and efficiently during JEE MAIN preparation.

How to manage time effectively and efficiently during JEE MAIN preparation.

As the JEE MAIN 2021 is coming closer, the preparation level equally shoots high. Among the students, there might be mixed feelings of nervousness, anxiety, excitement etc but amidst all of these if you guys have not pulled your socks up then do it now

Remember - Time is Prime

So here are some tips and tricks to manage time which would help to turn hard work that you have put in all these days into favourable outcome.

1) Create your own timetable-  It is time to make robust yet practical study plan that you can follow. Do not make it rigorous otherwise it will affect your memory and make you lose concentration

2) Practice is the key-  Solve as many questions as u can from all the three sections as they carry equal weightage. Also taking practice test will increase your computational ability thereby save time during exam.

3) Set a timer-  While solving questions, make a habit of timing your efforts. This will help you improve your speed and manage time during the actual JEE Main exam.

4) Analyse your mocks- Self-evaluation is the way to overcome your weakness. Try to find out topic on which you regularly make mistakes and avoid those in exam

5) Revision is must - You just need to have a glance at all the formulae and self made short notes daily. It will boost your confidence.

6) Do not start any new topic- Try to avoid studying any new topic during this time that you have never studied before. Doing so might reduce your confidence, and you might become anxious.

7) Last but not the least- When there is less time left so one should work smartly, they should study the topics which are scoring, easy and frequently asked.


Mathematics :

1) Matrix and Det

2)Vector Algebra

3) Co-ordinate &3D Geometry

4)Statistics and Probability

5)Mathematical Reasoning

Physics :

1) Elasticity

2) Thermal Expansion and Heat Transfer

3) Semiconductors

4) Newtons law of motion

5) Instruments (Vernier Caliper, Screw gauge)

Chemistry :

1) Environmental chemistry

2) Solid State

3) Mole concept

4) Chemical bonding

5) P block & S block

Formulas (Carboxylic Acids, phenol, Ether, Alcohol)

Remember- In past few years, questions from these topics have constantly appeared in the JEE Main. Thus, it is crucial to revise these topics firmly at least a week prior to the JEE Main.


1)During exam, take a quick overview of paper.

2)Do not waste time on a single question.

3)Read questions carefully.

4)Do not make random guesses.

5)Be positive and confident. Also, keep yourself motivated, have sound sleep before exam and stay healthy in terms of physical and mental aspects.