How should students prepare for CBSE class 12th boards (PCM).

How should students prepare for CBSE class 12th boards (PCM).

No doubt, every student is always worried about their percentage in the board exam. Most of the students preparing for JEE, now are targeting to maximize their performance in the board exam also. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks suggested by experienced mentors of a well-known institute Progressive minds (provides Science Coaching Classes in Delhi) to make your preparation for the upcoming boards more effective and organised. These tips will surely help you in accelerating your preparation level to one step up and will also reduce your exam stress.

Subject-Wise Preparation Tips:

• Mathematics is a subject which demands a lot of practice. So, it is important for students that whatever they study they need to practice questions based on that topic simultaneously. To score good marks in Maths, you have to solve whole NCERT at least twice and after that you can go for other books like RS Agrawal, RD Sharma and NCERT Exemplar. In maths exam, 6 marks questions are very important and they are generally asked from the topics like-

• Linear programming

• Area under curves

• Probability (Bayes’ theorem)

• Determinants

• Definite Integrals

• 3D geometry

If you are worried about the understanding of concepts, then taking up the best coaching will definitely solve your all worries. Progressive Minds being one of them provides maths coaching in Delhi which will help you in excel the subject.

• For Chemistry focus only on NCERT. Since chemistry requires a lot of mugging and regular revision, it will be little bit difficult to have command over each concept of NCERT in one read. For this you have to work hard and make habit of writing while studying. This will help you in exam. And remember, just don’t read NCERT like a novel, try to understand each and every line of it and solve all the examples and exercise questions. Learn all the name reactions and mechanism of reaction (as per NCERT).

Physics is considered to be one of the difficult subject because of the vast syllabus and a lot derivation. But if students will study seriously with well-organized study plan, they will surely understand the subject and will take interest in it.

Physics board exam follows NCERT textbook. So, you should focus only on NCERT and must do all the derivations(step-wise) of each chapter at least thrice so that it won’t take much time during exam. Read, understand and memorize every single line of derivations as they are very crucial for board exams. Also, students should have all important formulae at their fingertips so that they can quickly solve the numerical in exam and must practice NCERT exercise questions. Apart from NCERT, I would recommend Xam Idea book as it contains varieties of conceptual questions which are more frequently asked in CBSE 12 boards.

Additional Tips:

1. At first, go through the syllabus, make a proper study plan and stick to the same.

2. Don’t Multitask, Set daily targets

3. Always make short and crisp revision notes of formulae, theorems and definitions.

4. Do quick revision before going to bed daily. Try to memorize all those things which you have studied whole day long.

5. While solving papers, make a habit of doing it within two and half hour. This will help you improve your speed and manage time during the actual exam..

6. Practice CBSE previous year question papers and CBSE sample papers released by the boards a few months before the exam. It is a good way to prepare yourself mentally for exam. The more you practice the more confident you become..

7. Always practice problems by your own. Don’t go directly for the solution.

8. Analyze your weak areas and work hard on them so that they don’t trouble you during actual exam.

9. Stay focused and Say No to distractions like social-media and all.


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